Francis Piéraut P. Eng,. M.A.Sc.

After a Software Engineer degree, Francis Piéraut had the privilege to do research master in Machine Learning with Yoshua Bengio at LISA lab.  During his research work, he developed flayers, a powerful C++ neural network library. Francis worked on finding why training of neural networks becomes inefficient when we increase the number of parameters and why we can’t use the full network capacity properly.

During the beginning of his career, his spend several years in Montreal startups companies applying Machine Learning and statistical AI related solutions (Idilia, Dakis, Coradiant, DoubleV3).

At Idilia, a NLP disambiguation startup, as a Junior Research Engineer, he acquired practical experience in features extraction and dataset quality improvement for advanced part of speech tagging.

In October 2003, he joined Dakis as Decision System Director and them CSO. He has leaded the need oriented decision system complete redesign (statistical vs heuristic), prototyping and transfer to production. He contributed to the technology stabilization and creation of the explanation generator technology, an automated way to generate natural language product comparison.

In 2005, he joined Coradiant as a Machine Learning Specialist. He was the main architect of the bot detector project and the main contributor of AIM, the Automated Incident Detection product released in 2008 and has generated important revenue growth. This product is providing the first generation of automated incident root causes analysis. In 2005, he also released the first version of mlboost, a python library that allows him to speedup his Machine Learning projects by simplifying data preprocessing, features selection and data visualization. At Coradiant, he developed expertise in Python Extreme New technology prototyping.

In February 2009, he joined DoubleV3 as the head of the R&D group, a company that was developing the next generation of music recommendation technology and audio fingerprinting. He gained knowledge in recommendation algorithms and search engine.

In august 2009, he joined PivotalPayments as a Senior Software Engineer to improve his python development skills, its production, QA and release management mastering abilities.

Francis was the main presenter of Montreal-Python-6 on “Machine Learning Empowered by Python“. digipy, a real-time digit recognition application, was presented to allow the audience to assimilate the most important concepts of machine learning and the critical need for data preprocessing (see post).

You can see his portfolio on mercurial host bitbucket, read his blog here, see its twits here or its profile on linkedin.

Francis Piéraut, P. Eng. M.A.Sc.
Senior Software & Applied Research Engineer
English Curriculum Vitae